List of machine equipment

We provide custom machine production according to customer requirements or documentation, using our own or supplied materials. We will send a price quote within a maximum of 3 days

Material cutting or material division
Band saws Paegas BS 280, Paegas 400 CNC - max. diameter 400mm Table shears - max. material width 2000mm, max. material thickness 5 mm
Conventional turning
Conventional lathes SUS 32, SU 50 A, SN 50 equipped with measuring Maximum turned diameter 500 mm, maximum turned length 1000 mm
CNC turning
CNC turning with: Daewoo Doosan Puma 240 MSB with subspindle and live tooling Doosan Lynx 220 Doosan Puma 2100 LY II with live tooling and Y-axis Doosan Puma 2100 LY with live tooling and Y-axis Proturn RLX 425. Machining within the range of diameters up to 400mm and lengths up to 800mm.
Conventional milling
Conventional milling with: - Milling machines FGV 32 - FNK 25 A equipped with measuring Maximum table clamping surface size of 350x1200 mm, maximum workpiece weight of 30 kg.
CNC 2-axis milling
SMX2 3000 SLV KMX SLV Clamping surface size: 1400 x 300 mm
CNC 3-axis milling
Akira Seiki SV 1050 Doosan DNM 5700 Clamping surface size: 1050 x 570 mm
Circular grinder BUA 25/1000 - workpiece dimensions diameter 250 x length 1000 mm Surface grinder BRH 320 - working space 320x1000x350
Table drills, column drills FVT 1, tapping
Welding methods TIG and MIG using Migatronic welding units. Materials welded: Steel (Fe), Aluminum (Al), Stainless Steel (nerez). Maximum weld length: 2 - 4 meters, up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg
Electroerosive machining (EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining)
Wire EDM machine Fanuc Robocut α-C400iB - table travel 370 x 270, height 255mm
Laser marking
SIC-MARKING L-Box V2 - maximum marked area 100x100mm
Other machines:
Press 16 tons, bender XONM 2000/2; circular shear RM 1050x90, thread rolling machine GRW 80, shot peening, micro-impact marking, and engraving.
In cooperations, we provide:
centerless grinding, material cutting by laser and water jet, bending on a press brake

Description of some machines